There is a positive lesson in each situation I face.

I look for learning opportunities in each situation I encounter. Positive experiences and unfavorable circumstances both can teach great lessons. I gain wisdom when I allow myself to look deeply at various situations. That knowledge allows me to be open to new things. When I am open-minded, I create a sense of purpose. My job […]

The World’s Worst Sore Muscle Advice and What to Do Instead

One day you’re pleased with yourself for finally painting the guest room or spending an extra half hour on the rowing machine. The next day you can barely brush your teeth because you’re sore all over. You probably have a case of delayed onset muscle soreness. That achy feeling is caused by microscopic tears in […]

The end of one chapter precedes the beginning of another.

I avoid worrying about how my life is unfolding. Even with tough situations, I know that they eventually come to an end. At the end of one chapter is the chance to start a new, more rewarding one. Deciding to move on to new a job is frightening. But I discourage worry that comes from […]

Rekindle the Romance: How to Reconnect With Your Partner

Has the romance and passion waned in your relationship? This is a common phenomenon. After the excitement of the early phases of a relationship pass, things become routine. Luckily, however, you don’t need to resign yourself to just a ho-hum relationship. There are many way to enhance the romance in your relationship. Imagine how great […]

Refreshing my perspective is as simple as painting the walls.

There are days when the rut of routine is deep. I wonder at how to break free of the doldrums. So much time is spent within the walls of my home and office, I begin to think that a change is needed. A change of color might do the trick. Painting is an exercise in […]

On stormy days, I revel in the sustenance of the rain.

When the clouds roll in, others talk of gloom. I see the silver lining. Clouds bring rain, and rain sustains life. The darkest clouds are the densest. I am excited by the downpour, because I know that somewhere, a stream or a lake is being filled. Dirt is being washed away. Plants and animals are […]

My life is influenced by my own expectations.

I love following the direction of my soul. It guides me towards targets that make me both proud and happy. I know what I am inspired to achieve in each aspect of my life. My actions are geared towards those goals that I honestly feel are worth attaining. My abilities in my professional life push […]

My life is filled with silver lining moments.

Even on my darkest days, I am confident that the sun eventually comes out. That belief in silver lining moments takes me through challenging times. I attest to the fact that each difficulty is soon forgotten through positive thinking. I recognize that tough times also call for resolve and courage. When I display strength, I […]

Let Go of Your Victim Mentality and Gain New Power Over Your Life

Is a victim mentality keeping you from living to your full potential? Do you feel that others are always doing something to you that keeps you down? It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling hurt by others, but you can overcome it. The victim mentality can affect your work, family, and other relationships. […]

I see possibilities at every turn.

I notice every opportunity in front of me. I pay attention to the details, so I see the possibilities everywhere. I know the universe presents an infinite number of options. I am happy to pick and choose the ones that work for me. I am grateful that the world has so many possibilities in it. […]